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December naked soul yoga challenge on IG inspiring yogi theblackwidowbutterfly

Repost from @theblackwidowbutterfly winner of the December naked soul yoga challenge on IG inspiring yogi warrior woman wearing bare body yoga crop & Italy lion leggings –

A really strong woman does not need the approval, acceptance or appreciation of anyone but herself just like the lion doesn't go around showing off its strength to the sheep, you go into the kitchen to eat not look full…I have nothing to prove to anyone, I don't go around posting yoga photos with someone else's quote to look the part, I post yoga photos so that people especially women are aware of what our bodies are capable of, it's nice to work out and appear strong but I'd rather do things with my body that show true free flowing strength because strength without flexibility is weakness and showing off is a sign of weakness, if people have to flash money or material things around then they appear broke because obviously they have no knowledge of self, if you truly had anything you wouldn't be showing it off to others with the intent of proving something to someone, if you can't prove your love to yourself then everyone will only see your lack of self-love…plenty of people are supporting designers who have no support for them or anything that they stand for, if you want real support you have to support yourself, love yourself and be yourself…I am confident enough in my ways to give it to you bare body & soul…I won this lovely outfit from the generous sponsor @shopclothesfreelife in the #nakedsoulyoga #lovetheskinyourein #yogachallenge and I would like to thank the beautiful hosts @iamreneewatkins and @pintsizenurse for choosing me, appreciate you @shopclothesfreelife the shirt was the perfect small size and cut and these size small pants fit great on my petite curvy bottom, I highly recommend these items not just because they were gifted to me but because of the great quality and unique design that promotes all of the things I do stand for… #firstloveyou #yoga #nakedyoga #nakedyogi #clothesfreelife #freedom #soulclothes #ital #lion #rasta #motivator #motivationalspeaker #lifecoach #wellnesscoach #beyourbrand #empower #empoweringwomen #supportsmallbusiness #wearclothesthatreflectyou #plantbased #vitality #strength #flexibility #goddess #sistar #warrior

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