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Effective immediately we have moved to our new home on the internet We made the switch to better reflect our brand, merchandise offerings and purpose of this site. Originally envision as a way to sell a few item for a site of our sister company the site has grown to offer over 200 items and is well on the way to offering 250 tee shirt, tank tops, crop tops, leggings, mugs, pillows, beach blankets toes, phone cases and more. We regularly add new items.

So it seemed fitting that the site mature into its own space as we continue to grow the shop clothes free brand. Our purpose is to high quality distinctive designs that reflect and promote the broad expression clothes free living with a body positive, new gymnosophy mind set. Gymnosophy is a practice and philosophy of clothes free living. We understand that most people can’t be clothes free 24/7/365. We see that as a preference not a compulsion. Our offers distinctive designs that promote clothes free living, body freedom, clothes free yoga and a body positive attitude. Whether you call yourself a naturist, nudist or just prefer being clothes free there some here for you.

We offer a unique online shopping experience for fun, stylish and trendy merchandise that brings clothes free living into everyday life. Reflecting our body positive approach the shop carries apparel sizes up to 3XL in some items. You won’t find these high quality professional designs any where else On the net. All our design are created by our in house design staff and made on demand by our suppliers. We are different by design none of those tired cliches lack luster lettering or dull images!  Shop now! Shop clothes free!

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