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Clothes free yoga or naked yoga (Sanskrit nagna yoga or vivastra yoga) started as a part of Indian yoga philosophy and philosophy. Practitioners would undress themselves both physical and spiritually from all material possessions, sexual desires and anything physical of this world. The word ‘gymnosophists’ (naked philosophers), was used by ancient Greeks to describe the wise men (naga sadhus/yogis) of India. Why? Body and image acceptance are key important aspects in one’s self-esteem. And you might also feel free from liberating yourself from social restraints against nudity. Could there be anything more freeing than not having anything on you? Connecting with others in a naked mind-body-and-soul way. Let’s stop judging each other for what we choose to wear or not wear. Let’s allow everyone to choose the most comfortable dress in yoga. Maybe we can all ask the question: Is what you are wearing or not wearing respectful of yourself and those around you? Does your inner beauty to shine through? Before practicing naked yoga check your comfort with it and do what meaningful for you. Sat Nam – You are Truth. Be your authentic self!”]

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